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Windows VPS versus a Linux VPS

If you want full control over your hosting experience and are able to handle the virtual operating system then VPS is something for you.

In my opinion the Linux VPS systems are more valuable than those with Windows operating systems, because the small memory footprint that it takes to run for instance Centos, a Linux VPS.

You can run several servers on a Linux box before it get unresponsive than a windows server. It is a good strategy unless people really want to run Windows Server, but then they will also pay for more RAM and processor sooner.

Most of all VPS systems are usually over priced, when you see how providers are managing their system. A good strategy is to find a cheap solution and stick to that until you have managed it to run with 70% stress level before you get a new one.

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Posted by on July 11, 2013 in Geek


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