Time to change desktop Firewall

11 Jul

A year ago I had paid for Avast for a year, and the latest months of that period I was asked several times a day to upgrade. (I even think I had several subscriptions on the same machine) I hate to be asked about upgrade several times a day.

What I was thinking was, it will be really good to change the software. Last Avast I was running, had antivirus and firewall with some extra security on identity online. I have lately changed to several desktop products having that kind of functionality.

Of course; I have most of my computers offline, meaning most my data offline all of the time. My important data saved on 2 backups, all my data is backed up all of the time. Rest of the data on the computers online, has almost no important information. I have a backup of the operating system, and it takes me almost no time to come back online.

Testing firewall and antivirus software  is a breeze, I have done that since 1990.

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Posted by on July 11, 2013 in Geek


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