Pearltrees for making bookmarks

For getting help finding websites Pearltrees are really the help you need, to start your research.

Pearltrees use to have a mindmapping interface, and now it look more like pinterest. You can stack webpages in a hierarchy of collections. You can even add notes.

Last 10 years I used to use Delicious and before that yahoo bookmarks, now I have found a winner in Pearltrees that makes bookmarking more social and interesting.

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Desktop Firewall

Don’t think you are secured because the company has a firewall between company network and Internet. There are many resourceful persons within a network that could open up security holes within a network, therefore is a  managed desktop firewall a precaution for some of the bad things that could have happened.

The best thing is to have knowledge and make sure everyone stay current on security policies.

If you have a desktop firewall at home, or if you take your office portable home with a desktop firewall you are more protected than if it were just left to Windows firewall to secure your perimeter. Firewalls are limited in the same way an antivirus software is limited, both cannot know all the threats out there.

Software is released every day, some more threatening than others, and it is also a threat that security software have close contact with your data- especially if the software want to be online all the time. You are bound to trust those people, so that is also a risk you need to consider if you have sensitive and classified information in documents and other files. In that case the best thing is to have PC’s connected to a local net without internet connection, or just PC’s that are not connected at all. You can scan files on a USB stick before you insert it into the secured PC’s.

You can never have full control over your data, there is always risks with break ins, bad hardware, accidents, or other things you have less control over. So you have to think and plan a securing plan, and start act with care for your data. Stay current with technology and encryption to keep your data safe in several locations.

A desktop firewall closes down the open connection to the Internet, every time data from one computer goes somewhere unencrypted there is a bigger risk. Assessing the risk and the means, think about severity to have information compromised or destroyed- and plan what kind of solution you need, the solution is not the most important thing here… you need to know how to handle it all.

You can have the best software in the world and your system can still be really easy to hack, because you have no clue how to deal with administration and configuration of the software when it comes to protect what is most important. Not only do you need to know the firewall, you also need to know how to secure the operating system. Especially handle policies within the system.

Managing your knowledge with firewalls and virus threats are more important than being flattered by a sales consultant who says he knows your needs, he don’t. A technical consultant may know it, but I have even met professionals who have no clue … Messing up systems that have a security worth millions… to become less than a desktop firewall solution within two hours because of clueless configuration.

So get educated!

You can have the best antivirus and firewall system, if you don’t know the operating systems or the other systems configuration you could be in deep problems, your system could be really open to all kinds of threats.

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Windows Firewall

I have only one thing to say; get some other firewall else, it does not work.

You can find out if you are using it by looking in the control panel somwhere. Turn it off and install something else.


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Windows VPS versus a Linux VPS

If you want full control over your hosting experience and are able to handle the virtual operating system then VPS is something for you.

In my opinion the Linux VPS systems are more valuable than those with Windows operating systems, because the small memory footprint that it takes to run for instance Centos, a Linux VPS.

You can run several servers on a Linux box before it get unresponsive than a windows server. It is a good strategy unless people really want to run Windows Server, but then they will also pay for more RAM and processor sooner.

Most of all VPS systems are usually over priced, when you see how providers are managing their system. A good strategy is to find a cheap solution and stick to that until you have managed it to run with 70% stress level before you get a new one.

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ZoneAlarm one of the best desktop firewalls

I have used Checkpoint ZoneAlarm several times past 10 year, my experience is that it is easy to setup and maintain. I really don’t like that it does not ask me before it reboots my PC, it happened today, I lost some work and it was annoying because I had written down some good ideas.

It used to be a firewall only in the beginning before Checkpoint bougth it up. Now it is a firewall with antivirus software, it did not find any virus on my disk after scanning the partitions. Today I have a few days left of the subscription of the Extreme Security edition. I have found it to be more demanding on RAM and Processor than Avast. The interface is simple, but sometime confusing when it comes to what to click on, because something look like you can click on- and you can not.

As a complete protection I have to say it is better than the competition when you see what you get compared to price.

The free solutions is really something to look at also. Gives you more security for free. The Free Antivirus + Firewall option does not give you granular control over desktop apps or the advanced firewall, but for a person who has no servers at home or other gadgets which need an udp or tcp port to connect to it is just fine.

The Identity part of the free edition is only for US, and handled by Identity guard.

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Time to change desktop Firewall

A year ago I had paid for Avast for a year, and the latest months of that period I was asked several times a day to upgrade. (I even think I had several subscriptions on the same machine) I hate to be asked about upgrade several times a day.

What I was thinking was, it will be really good to change the software. Last Avast I was running, had antivirus and firewall with some extra security on identity online. I have lately changed to several desktop products having that kind of functionality.

Of course; I have most of my computers offline, meaning most my data offline all of the time. My important data saved on 2 backups, all my data is backed up all of the time. Rest of the data on the computers online, has almost no important information. I have a backup of the operating system, and it takes me almost no time to come back online.

Testing firewall and antivirus software  is a breeze, I have done that since 1990.

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Iphone tool: only your own drone

Can be controlled by ipod or iphone:


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